Extra Tips for Hair Lustre

There is something else you can do to give your hair silky lustre. Actually, what you don't do can help the most: Do not over-process or damage your hair. Shampoo your hair with lukewarm rather than hot water and rinse your hair clean with lukewarm to cool water. The mere thought of cool water sends shivers throughout your body? Don't back out before trying it a couple of times. You may come to like the refreshingly cool water and feel vibrant after the experience. Blot your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing it with rough motions. Time permitting, allow your hair to air-dry (unless you prefer the sleek look) or use the blow-dryer only briefly. Be sure to apply heat protectant before using hot styling utensils like a blow-dryer or flat iron.

This is true for all long hair: From the scalp toward the end hair becomes increasingly more prone to damage. Whoever sports a long mane dreads 'split ends'. Unfortunately, there is only one remedy once long hair has split into two or more fibres. It must be cut. You can avoid this by using split end repair products and by checking the health of your hair regularly. This gives you time and opportunity to use the proper hair care products.

Long and short hair needs different kinds of care, which gives rise to yet another challenge. Nothing should weigh down the hair near the scalp but ample conditioning is needed close to the ends of the hair. That is quite a challenge indeed. However, using the proper products will bring good results.

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