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Generally speaking here are some guidelines.

An OBLONG FACE looks like an elongated oval. If you have an oblong face, your chin will appear too long or slightly out of proportion with your forehead. The illusion of width fixes this easily. Look for a chin to shoulder-length cut with fullness at the sides. Avoid styles with volume on top: they'll elongate your face even further. If your chin is very pointed, opt for a cut that falls above the chin: it will draw the eye upward

The SQUARE FACE is wider than it is long and often features a prominent, squared jaw line. With this facial shape, the idea is to create a slimming effect via the illusion of more length and less width. To create it, get a cut that is somewhat longer than the chin length, so it draws the eye down. It can be quite long or fall to the clavicle bone. Also, opt for styles that are full, not flat, on top. Layers always soften This strong facial shape and cuts with angled sides are ideal. Sides that move inward also create an elongating effect.

The HEART SHAPED FACE is a variation of the square face in that is wider at the forehead, rather than the jaw line. The jaw is a bit narrow and often, the chin is small or even pointed. If this describes your face, opt for shoulder-length cuts with layers near the jaw line, or a shorter flip, which adds width right at the jaw. Sometimes, a perm is the perfect solution because curls always add width at the sides. Don't add height or width on top: do add bangs to conceal a too-wide forehead.

The PEAR-SHAPED FACE is too wide at the jaw line and chin. It has the opposite problem of the heart-shaped face. If your face has a slight pear shape, expose your narrow forehead by wearing hair back off your face or by growing out your bangs.  This draws the eye up, away from the jaw line. A jaw-length blunt cut is the least flattering style for square, heart-shaped or pear-shaped faces.

Finally, consider the ROUND FACE. If your cheeks are round and wide or your chin is round, this type probably describes you. Because the proportions of this facial shape are too wide, longer hair or any cut that creates the illusion of length slenderizes your face. Hair the covers your ears and moves onto your cheekbones conceals width, as do curls and side wisps. Don't go for a cut that is shorter than ear-lobe length; roundness will be too apparent. If you like long hair, have the sides layered or feathered on an angle. Avoid solid bangs; horizontal lines emphasize wide cheeks. If your face is round and full, look for styles that draw the eye upward. Volume and detail can be added when you style your hair.

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