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Jackie uses Colorly hair color by IT&LY in order to provide great results with Color. Colorly has the most significant advancement in hair color chemistry and pigment along with UV inhibitors to protect hair color and to promote long lasting fade resistant color. Proteins are added to provide superior conditioners that ensure structural integrity of your hair.

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I also use Joico (Vero K-PAK) Color Intensity Color System which gives me the power to create Vivid, Trendy, and Insanely Intense Shades. Colors include: sapphire, amethyst, indigo, pinks, purples, cobalt, peacock, and titanium. Depending on what you desire, we may need to pre-lighten.

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I attend color classes regularly as there are many Techniques as well as Color to chose from. I keep up with all the latest tecniques, trends and styles. I will also discuss with you upkeep necessary and have products to purchase to ensure lasting results. Of course the condition of your hair is my main priority.

You are a salon guest and it is important to know what these hair words mean! It will help you and I communicate better to ensure time allowed for your appointment and a perfect color result.

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Color applied to root area through the ends as needed. usually 4-5 week between appointments for RETOUCH (roots only)

lightening strands of hair with foil

darkening strands of hair with foil

Ombre hair refers to hair color fading from dark to light, or vice versa. Instead of the color starting from the roots, it gradually becomes lighter, or darker, towards the ends. The word "ombre" in French means shadow or shade.

A technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. This technique is usually done without any foils and is hand painting therefore giving you a very natural soft highlight.

Base breaking is done to soften someone's natural hair color. It is usually done fairly quickly and left on for only 5-7 minutes. It is great for clients that get hi-lites and have virgin darker ashier looking hair. Breaking the base helps soften that "mousey" hair color so that it transitions softer. When doing a break base you are only looking to make the natural base .5 to 1 shade lighter. That is why it is left on for only a short time.

Splashlights is a newer trend in hair color and is not as common as the other techniques but is still beautiful if done on the right person. This technique can be spotted when there is lightness within the middle of the hair. Not at the root or at the ends. It is in the mid-shaft of the hair strand. It can be considered a "splash" of color…hence the name.

in addition to above, for MEN, I use Paul Mitchell or Redken for Blending the gray without having roots. Both products last 4 to 6 weeks and providing maximum conditioner.

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Jackie Gephart is a professional hair stylist and hair color expert. Proudly serving the community in the following areas Houston, Memorial,Tanglewilde,Cinco Ranch,Sugarland, Katy, Mission Bend, Four Corners, Galleria, Sharpstown, Bunker Hill, Hedwig Village, Hunters Creek Village, Piney Point, Westpark, Missouri City, Stafford..